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Personalized OEM SPH19W 8E14LH LED Bulb for Mercedes Turn Signal Light

There are some Mercedes cars utilizing Philips SPH19W 8E14LH halogen bulbs for turn indicator light. But, there is not readily available SPH19W led bulb on the market for customers to upgrade or replace their OEM SPH19W bulb.

One of our client contacted us and also said that he obtain some questions about custom made led car lights from his customers asking for a led SPH19W bulb., he could not locate this kind of product and hoped we can custom one for him.

By connecting comprehensive as well as getting the OEM SPH19W halogen light bulb, we chose to take this situation. We personalize SPH19W led base which has the exact same light bulb dimension of SPH19W halogen, and also combined it with the high power 30W Cree led bulb to achieve the amber shade too to enhance the brightness.

Today, this item is offered in Britain, Germany as well as Belgium.

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